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Component 3

Kheirat Poultry Farm Dadaab. The group comprises 11 members – 5 men and 6 women. It had existed before KDRDIP started its operations in Dabaad. It received funding from KDRDIP Livelihood program of Ksh 500,000which it used to renovate poultry structures and bought 350- one day old layer-chicks from Thika town. The hens expected to start laying soon. Group Chairman, Siyat Haret Abdi said “the funding has changed the face of our farm, We now have good structures not like before and we expect to expand the project in the near future.

Support to Traditional and Non-Traditional Livelihoods

Abdulahi Sigat, the FAida Facilitating Partner Livelihood specialist with Hidig Women Group at their shop in Nanighi Village, Fafi Sub-cpunty, Garissa County. The group is composed of 23 members all women. It has been in as been in existence before KDRDIP begun operations. The group received funding support from KDRDIP Livelihood program of Ksh. 500,000, which they utilized to stock their mini-Wholesale shop at Nanighi. According to the group Secretary, Awa Modobe Abdi, they group is now the main supplier of food items to the small retail shops in the village. The group makes and the business is growing. “Thank you KDRDIP,” said Awa.


The objective of the Support to Traditional and Non-Traditional Livelihoods subcomponent of KDRDIP is to increase productivity. It aims at improving lives of pastoralists/agro-pastoralists through enhancing the production and productivity of livestock (goats, camels, cattle, and poultry) and dry-land farming with emphasis on rebuilding pastures.