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Component 4

Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Knowledge Sharing

The objectives of this component are to ensure enhanced and effective project management, coordination, and implementation and to support the design of the project’s monitoring and evaluation system.

The implementation of the project will follow existing Government structures. Steering Committees and Technical Committees will be established at national and county levels
to ensure robust project management and implementation. While the Screening Committees will provide broader oversight and ensure cross-sector coordination, the Technical Committees will ensure technical guidance and backstopping to project management as well as implementation.

The National Implementation Support Unit (NPIU) and County Integrated Implementation Support Units (CIPIU) will provide implementation support and monitoring of the project at national and county level.

The project will build on existing community-level structures, and will establish new local-level institutions as needed, including Village Level Committees (VLC), Ward Level Committees (WLC), and Social Audit Committees (SACs).

The component is responsible for the project’s Management Information System (MIS) for monitoring inputs, outputs, and processes. It will identify community potential environmental and social impacts and mitigate measures against adverse environmental, social and economic impacts. It is also responsible for the evaluation of outcome and impacts; monitoring environmental and social safeguard; and participatory monitoring and evaluation and internal learning.

Monitoring and Evaluation activities will include regular monitoring of the progress and performance of implementation; independent process monitoring of the community-level planning and effectiveness and quality of capacity-building efforts; and undertaking annual thematic studies and outcome as well as impact assessments of the project.

The Component shall focus on Financing the planning, implementation, and technical oversight of program activities; and effective social and environmental safeguards management, financial management, and procurement. It will support strategic communication, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) arrangements including Management Information System (MIS) -Conduct independent process monitoring, and outcome/impact evaluations at midterm and end of project -Support measures for enhanced transparency and accountability -Develop learning on policy and practice of forced displacement.

The project’s Results Framework will be used as a basis for reporting progress against indicators, including progress towards achieving the Project Development Objective and implementation