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KDRDIP Implementation Framework

KDRDIP is premised on the philosophy that citizens participate and engage in the process of identifying and prioritizing their developmental needs. This helps to improve self‐reliance among beneficiary communities, social cohesion; increase the voices and roles of citizens in decision-making.
The operational approach for KDRDIP is Community Driven Development (CDD). This involves supporting and building capacities of governance institutions. It ensures that the voices of communities in decision‐making processes are heard.
The project implementation approach strengthens county government administrative functions and enables communities to identify and prioritize investments with a specific focus on women, female‐headed households, and youth, groups disproportionately affected by displacements.

KDRDIP Implementation Principles
• Alignment with devolved systems of governance at county, sub-county, and ward levels
• Building on ongoing initiatives especially the Accountable Devolution Program and Regional Pastoralist Livelihoods Resilience Project
• Promoting coordination with the World Bank and other partners
• Ensuring swift funds flow and timely reporting.