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Financial Guidelines

KDRDIP Procurement Guidelines for Community Sub-Projects


Community Procurement is a process through which communities acquire goods, works, non-consulting or consulting services at community level. It is covered under section 92(m) of the Public Procurement and Assets Disposal Act, 2015.

According to the second schedule threshold matrix of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Regulations, 2020 communities are allowed to procure goods, works and services to a maximum as follows:

Goods -No Minimum and Maximum KES. 10,000,000.00

Works -No Minimum and Maximum KES. 30,000,000.00

Services -No Minimum Maximum KES. 5,000,000.00

These thresholds are to be implemented through various procurement methods as follows

  1. Community Shopping for Goods and Works: This is where quotations are solicited from at least three qualified suppliers or contractors.
  2. Local Competitive Bidding: This is a method of procurement for goods and works through an open tendering procedure that is limited to local advertising using such media as local newspaper or radio, posting notices at strategic places in the community areas.
  3. Community Direct Contracting for Goods and Works: This is a method of procurement of goods and works where the community directly negotiates with a lone supplier or contractor
  4. Community Force Account: Under this procedure a community may implement a subproject using its own resources (skilled and unskilled labor, materials, equipment), and may subcontract part of the subproject
  5. Low Value Procurement: This method is suitable when the value of the items to be procured is very small; no benefit will accrue in terms of time or cost implications if request for quotations or any other procurement method is used and the procedure in not being used for the purpose of avoiding competition.

Procurement Methods and Method Thresholds

Selection Methods and Method Thresholds

Procurement Methods and Method Thresholds

Procurement Method threshold as per THE PUBLIC PROCUREMENT AND DISPOSAL REGULATIONS, 2020

Procurement Process, Administration and Contract Implementation

After Approval of the sub-project in the (CDP), the PSC shall make any necessary adjustments to the Community Procurement Plan (CPP).  Each procurement activity in the CPP will follow the following steps to its completion:

  • Publicize a general notice (advertisement)
  • Raise requisitions in accordance with the CPP implementation schedule dates
  • Seek approval of the requisition
  • Prepare the bidding document/form
  • Solicit bids/RFQ as appropriate
  • Receive and open bids/quotations
  • Evaluate bids / prepare comparison of price and recommend award of contract
  • Approve recommendation for award of contract and sign contract
  • Supervise implementation of contract, receive/accept deliverables and make payments in accordance with the terms and conditions of contract.