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KDRDIP Operation Areas

The Kenya Development Response on Displacement Impacts Project (KDRDIP) covers five (5) sub-counties and 31 wards in the three counties of Garissa, Wajir and Turkana. It benefits an estimated 1,041,000 people.

In Garissa, the project is undertaken in a total of 17 wards in Daadab, Lagdera and Fafi Sub-Counties. Daadab Sub-county comprises of six wards namely: Daadab, Labasigale, Damajale, Liboi, Abakaile and Dertu while Lagdera is made up of Modogashe, Benane, Goreale, Maalimin, Sabena and Baraki wards. Fafi is covered by Fafi, Nanighi, Bura, Dakaharia and Jarajila.

In Wajir, the project covers Wajir South Sub-County, which comprises of eight wards namely: Diif, Benane, Burder, Darajabulla, Habasweni, Logboghol South and Ibrahim Ure.

In Turkana, the project is implemented in Turkana West Sub-County with six wards. The Wards are Letea, Songot, Kalobeyei, Lokichogio, Nanam, Kakuma and Lopur.