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Livelihood Programme

Members of Youth in Disability empowerment in their retail shop in Dabaab. Youth in Disability Empowerment in Daadab, Sub-county – Garissa County is composed of 17 members 12 female and 5 males, the existed long before KDRDIP started its operations in Dabaab. The group received funding from KDRDIP Livelihood program of Ksh 500,000 and they utilized in stocking their retail shop in Dabaab town. The group business declined during the period Government imposed containment measures to control the spread of COVID 19 – this led to declined stocks and cash reserves for the group. However, this situation was reversed once they received funding from KDRDIP – the group increased stocks and the business is improving with time and were noticing good progress. The Group Chairman Mohamed Abdi Yusuf Hussein the said the group is planning to expand the business.


The key objective of the Kenya Development Response to Displacement Impact Project (KDRDIP) Livelihood Programme is to support interventions aimed at improving the productivity of traditional and non-traditional livelihoods; and strengthening the resilience of communities by improving access to technology and equipment, skills and markets, storage and processing infrastructure and financial support.

KDRDIP Livelihood Sub-Components

The Kenya Development Response to Displacement Impact Project (KDRDIP) Livelihoods Programme is divided into two sub-components:

  1. Support to Traditional Non-Traditional Livelihoods
  2. Capacity Building of Community Groups