Integrated Natural Resources Management 2021-03-29T12:23:18+00:00

KDRDIP Integrated Natural Resources Management Programme

The objective of this subcomponent is to undertake community-based environmental and natural resource restorative measures that will benefit communities, environment, livestock, and wildlife in the host areas.
Key strategies for environmental rehabilitation will include: natural regeneration, vegetation (grass and tree) reseeding, tree planting (reforestation/afforestation with appropriate species), rainwater harvesting, and solid waste (especially plastics) and pollution control.
Specific indicative activities for this subcomponent include; establishing tree nurseries, forest regeneration and promotion of environmental protection best practices. The primary implementation modality for the component will be Labour Intensive Public Works (LIPWs). The subcomponent’s implementation efforts integrates women not only into the labor opportunities, but also as beneficiaries of its activities.