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Environmental and Natural Resource Management Programme

Background Information

This is the second component of the Kenya Development Response to Displacement Project (KDRDIP). It aims at mitigating environmental impacts resulting from the over-exploitation of the natural resources among communities hosting refugees in northern Kenya. Competition for the natural resources by the local communities and the refugees lead to: deforestation, degradation of grazing lands, loss of wildlife, soil erosion, open disposal of solid waste (especially plastics), and uncontrolled abstraction of groundwater for human and livestock consumption.
The objective of this particular component therefore is to mitigate this environmental challenges experienced among the refugee hosting communities in Turkana, Wajir and Garissa Counties. The interventions include rehabilitation of degraded sites, agro-forestry, management of solid wastes (plastics) and provision of alternative energy sources such solar, wind and energy saving technologies.
The guiding principles for this component includes; prioritization based on identified community needs, especially by girls and women, inputs complementary to ongoing support from the county and national governments as well as other development partners and civil society organizations (CSOs), compliance with quality standards and norms of the GOK and strong accountability to citizens and credible systems for M&E.

The component is implemented under the following two sub-components namely:
1. Integrated Natural Resources Management
2. Access to Energy