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Fighting Poverty and Improving Food Security in Turkana County

Turkana Community Voices

Lomesepus Water Pan in Lokichoggio Ward, Turkana County

Water services are the lifeline of the pastoral communities in the Kenya Development Response on Displacement Impacts Project (KDRDIP) operation areas.

Qhombi Women Group in Wajir South tell the media how they benefitted from KDRDIP grant. The group started a shop with various merchandizes and purchased livestock. The established a home bank where individuals borrow money to start their own businesses. The group now plans to start a bakery to bake snacks for export to neighbouring Somalia. The KDRDIP grant has enabled their children to attend school.

The Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Eugene Wamalwa, his counterpart Hon. John Munyes, PS Micah Powon and Turkana Deputy Governor present a dummy cheque to symbolize release of Ksh. 78 Million from KDRDIP to 156 Community Groups in Turkana West. In the past two years, KDRDIP has disbursed Ksh. 1,008,500,000 to 2,017 Community Groups in Lagdera, Fafi, Dadaab, Wajir South and Turkana West Sub-Counties.

Women from Aktahel community in Wajir County raise their voices to local leadership on their development priority needs. The women asked for water, health facility and telecommunication coverage.

These men from Aktahel Community in Wajir County, Kenya could not hide their joy following successful completion of a community water project implemented through funds from Kenya Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project (KDRDIP), a World Bank-funded project. They told their story in style through song and dance.