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Community Investment Fund

This subcomponent seeks to improve community access to basic social services and economic infrastructure by providing investment funds that, together with community contributions, expand and improve service delivery and build economic infrastructure for local development.

Investments will be identified, prioritized, implemented, and monitored by beneficiary communities. The host communities will use both local government and UNHCR-provided social services.

Community needs will be addressed by also rationalizing the delivery of health and education services that UNHCR and its partners are providing to prevent duplication.

Rationalization will be guided by community identified needs, facility norms established by the Government of Kenya, linkage with the County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) and viable recurring costs for the county.

New approaches for socially appropriate, cost-effective, and effective service delivery options that are suitable to local conditions will be explored.

To improve access to safe water and sanitation, the project will complement inputs from the Kenya Water and Sanitation Development Project to expand water supply and sanitation services for the host populations in the project sub counties.

The project will use community-driven approaches to improve access and delivery of safe water and sanitation services. Community priorities, especially those identified by women, and the provision of the Water Project’s Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) will guide the criteria for selection of locations for boreholes and ensuring adequate safeguards.

In addition, the project will support optimal use of existing solar boreholes for refugees in Dadaab for productive community activities.