Community Group Funding Requirements 2021-03-29T13:55:27+00:00

KDRDIP Community Group Funding Requirements

The following are the KDRDIP community group funding requirements:

  1. Enterprise selection based on the market assessment and development of Livelihood Menu.
  2. Development of Community Groups Business plans.
  3. Formation of village livelihood committees (Depending on the number of CGs eligible for funding in the village but at least four
  4. Aggregation of Business plans at village and ward level.
  5. Appraisal of business plans by Technical committee development of annual work plans and budgets.
  6. Approval by County steering committees.
  7. Submission of annual work plans and budgets to NPIU.
  8. Approval of annual work plans and budgets by the national steering committee and no objection from the Bank
  9. Flow of funds from NPIU to CIPIU accounts.
  10. Training of Community Groups on financial management and community procurement.
  11. Formation of Community Groups management committees (CGMCs) and community groups procurement committees.
  12. Flow of funds from CIPIU Accounts to individual Community Group accounts.
  13. Start of CGs business plans implementation.