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Capacity Building of Community-Based Organizations for Livelihoods

The objective of this subcomponent is to improve capacities of community institutions for livelihoods. For livelihoods promotion, the community institutions are Community Groups, village level livelihoods sub-committees, ward/cluster level committees, and producer organizations.

The project will support establishment and operations of the field-based facilitation teams to provide support to community institutions for livelihoods in social mobilization, institution building, and capacity building. The facilitation teams will operate at village and cluster/ward levels.

The Community Groups will be trained in group management, savings, financial literacy, and book-keeping and encouraged to practice regular meetings, regular savings, regular inter-loaning, timely repayment, and up-to-date books of accounts.

The subcomponent will also support the capacity building and technical assistance for major livelihood activities through private sector, public sector, and civil society service providers including technical training in livestock, agriculture, and other sectors for community organizations, building linkages for value chain investments, establishing market linkages for producer organization products.

The capacity-building efforts of community institutions for livelihoods will be coordinated by the County Project Implementation Units which will have the overall responsibility for capacity building.

The subcomponent will also support training and exposure for county, sub county, and ward-level officials and consultants involved in the implementation of livelihoods program.