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On Safeguards

A Community Group Chairlady hands over her group Registration Certificate for verification by Turkana CIPIU Social Safeguards Officer at Lomidat Village Lokichogio ward. Registration Certificate is one of the social safeguard requirements for a group to benefit from KDRDIP funding.

KDRDIP Safeguard Requirements

Kenya Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project (KDRDIP) Safeguard Policies

Safeguards are policies to ensure that people and the environment are protected from potential adverse impacts during the implementation process of a project. KDRDIP is World Bank funded project and therefore obligated to apply the Bank’s Safeguard policies in the project identification and execution. This is meant to avoid and minimize harm to people and the environment.

The WB Safeguard Policies are the mechanism for addressing environmental and social issues in KDRDIP project design, implementation and operation. The safeguard requirements provide a framework for consultation with communities and for public disclosure. Examples of these requirements include conducting environmental and social audit impact assessments, consulting with affected communities about potential project impacts, and restoring the livelihoods of displaced people.

KDRDIP Environmental and Social Framework (ESF)

The Kenya Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project (KDRDIP) Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) enables the Project to better manage environmental and social risks of projects and to improve development outcomes. It offers broad and systematic coverage of environmental and social risks. It makes important advances in areas such as transparency, non-discrimination, public participation, and accountability—including expanded roles for grievance address mechanisms.